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May 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
away from allegations president obama was not born in the united states. >> i think the united states are pretty fed up. >> last year president obama released his long form birth certificate showing he was born in hawaii and this week they went after romney with a new ad critical of what they say is romney's all to stand up to trump and other gop elements. republicans say they are still focused on the central issues of this campaign, the economy and jobs. >> governor romney is not distracted. the republican party is not distracted. we believe that this is an american-born job killing president. >> that focused on jobs is evident in a new ad from the romney camp attacking the president for his support for renewable energy companies that later laid off workers. >> support is growing for speeding -- billboards to be placed on fire trucks. the city council held a hearing tuesday for two resolutions, one to allow the advertising and another to establish a committee to regulate the process. in all of the testimony, not one person was opposed. >> when i first heard about the bill i thought i
May 7, 2012 12:00pm EDT
they were protesting 11 years of unfair treatment. >> the united states is committed to accountability under law for those who have plotted to attack our nation and to kill innocent people. >> of these men have endured years of inhumane treatment and torture. it has had long-term affects and will ultimately affect every aspect of this military tribunals. >> of the judge agreed to hear a defense motion that could delay a trial for another year. they all face charges of terrorism, hijacking, and nearly 3000 counts of murder. if convicted, they could face the death penalty. >> still ahead, overfeeding and infant may be the result of a distressed parent. >> a cloudy pattern is keeping temperatures cool in the northeast. coming up, we make a touch of the southern heat. first, a live look out of doors. first, a live look out of doors. >> a couple says they were cheated out of thousands of dollars by a man they trusted to do some work in their apartment. >> the couple thought they had done everything right. after they paid their deposit, the contractor disappeared. >> he hired a contractor to insta
May 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
make up the majority of birds in the united states. -- births. the report said that while whites will remain a majority for some time, a young bird generation is being born in which minorities will impact the political structure and economic structure. a jury in north carolina is hearing closing arguments today. the jury rested its case. the former president of canada is charged with using campaign funds to hide his affair and child. jury deliberations are set to begin tomorrow. good friends, but sunday night the gloves come off. next, we will ptaught lied about the season finale. patrick allen is here to answer your pet questions. >> plenty of sunshine, but we will watch this weather very closely over the next couple of days. >> things getting active by saturday. right now the sun is shining. >> in this afternoon's consumer alert, from clothing to computers, how do you know the products you buy are real? counterfeiters are becoming bolder with what they produce. consumer electronics and even flashlight batteries are the number one knockoff seized by federal agents. counterfeitin
May 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in the united states. it is because of what they experienced trying to return to the u.s. from canada. >> i looked up, i see officers running out and pulling their weapons. i look at him and say, "something is going down." >> i say "yeah, they are coming after me." >> tonight at 11:00, what put him on the wanted list and what he has done to clear his name. >> up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced. is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> today on "dr. oz, "transformation nation. one will walky away with $1 million. >> we will find out who you thought is the best and reflect what transformation means to you. we lost 3 million pounds as a nat
May 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in the united states. parents should look before locking cars. >> rising mercury has parents like this new mother on high alert. >> we are always making sure she is ok. >> temperatures are in the 80's. for this baby, five and half weeks old, 10 minutes in a hot car could be fatal. >> i leave the air conditioning running before i put her in the car, or park in the shade. >> local agencies are teaming up with the national traffic kuwait city administration to fight hypothermia, which kills about 40 children every year in the u.s. >> how can you forget your kid? anything can happen, anything. >> it is not just a matter of leaving kids unattended either. >> you keep your car on. 3 or four years old, they are still too little. >> never think it cannot happen to you. >> i get really emotional and now, since i am a new mother. she is my number one thing i think about. >> taking care to make sure little moments like these are not cut short. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> the heat is still a danger today, as temperatures are nearing 90 degrees. not as h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5